18 March 2010

I Must Fail

Today, it was a great experience to see someone failing and everyone around her was holding her up. On seeing that I wanted to fail because such a failure was not really a failure. Tonight there was a singing competition in Vijay TV for kids. I think, one kid (a singer) was eliminated. The views of the judges were impressive. The playback singer Mano and Malkudi Subha were the judges. I was quite impressed with the way they handled the situation. Being in the position of judging talent is very tough.

The judges said, looking at the girl who was eliminated, "you came as seed and you are going as a flower, you blossomed here". WoW, what a word? You must see the kid's eyes go bright, her mom's eyes go bright, audiences were smiling like sunshine and the entire arena was awestruck. What a way to give a feedback (on the other side, and in the corporate world, the monkeys that are paid to give feedback deliver it in a pathetic and insensitive way). Both of them rightly pointed out that the girl has transformed in the competition and the girl was trying something extraordinary. I learned two important lessons in my life.
Never shy away from trying extraordinary things.
Never hurt someone who is trying to be extraordinary. Praise her and take her as role model.
In a nutshell, I feel that I must fail because it is fine to be a failure rather than a mediocre success. It is another good night sleep and tonight I feel so much happy on learning important lesson about failure.


Rajkumar Pandian said...

I think comparing people giving feedback to monkeys is a dishonor. No, not to the people but for monkeys. I saw natgeo today and the monkeys have SKILLS. They peel off the skin before they eat the fleshy part of banana. They keep flea off their skin. Some monkeys even cleans apples before they eat. So, monkeys do have some skills.

The idiots whom you are talking about have no skills except that they have a skill of having no skill.

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...

Ok. Agreed, they do peel off.

I made the comparison because it just came on top of my mind :-).

But now I feel the comparison makes sense but slightly though since they did not evolve over the period of time. They prefer to stay as monkeys defeating Darwin.

உத்தண்டராமன் said...

"The idiots whom you are talking about have no skills except that they have a skill of having no skill." .. Well said.. but there are few ppl still who make them self perfect fit before taking up the feedback role :)

@Lakshmi ...

The Explanation is too good as well :)