11 March 2010

I m Writing for Tomorrow

For a simple fact, I know that I m very poor in thinking and writing. Few years back, I was poorer and few more years back probably I was useless. I have grown from useless to poor which is great achievement. I write for tomorrow. When I say I m writing for tomorrow, I mean that I m practicing to be near perfect and I m practicing the art of taking failures and obviously in right sense. I know that I will succeed - one day. Because, I strongly believe that every dog has its day.

When I fall, I never watch others. I used to think that others will laugh at me when I fall and that may probably be true. Those people never looked forward. And the people who look forward they dont laugh but smile with lot of hope simply because they know that I m at a striking distance. Their smile is sunshine.

Yes, I m writing my future with lot of failures. I know, failures are successes.

Have a Great Day

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