25 March 2010

Human Rights - Where is It?

Yesterday, I was little late to home. Around 9am (or close to that), as usual I was driving at 45 kmph. My ride went on fine without much problems. As usual there were few buses that occupy the mid of the road and suddenly came off the road for no reasons. There were few boys (seems like they never got opportunity to grow up) zipping through all the lanes. Living in Chennai gave me lot of patience particularly when I am on wheels.

Near Hotel Trident (I use the left to reach my home at Nanganallur), there was a small traffic jam (don't ask me where is the bread). I (and anyone who uses that road) know that the road will have potholes, but these days I search for road to safely take the front wheel of my motorcycle. For the past two years, I never bother about back wheel and I always assume that it is intact. Till now, my assumption is proven right.

After seeing the traffic jam, I thought, I would have a break from driving for few seconds to few minutes. Since I like taking breaks during my drive (you know, my approach towards life is optimistic), I was eagerly expecting that this break would soothe me though my home is just 2 km away. Unlike the usual breaks that I used to take, this one was shocking and I was speechless to see the arrogance of a policeman.

There were two vehicles that were parked conveniently - a lorry occupying little space from end of the road to mid of the road and a auto occupying the corner. There stood the auto driver and behind him a policeman. I thought that they were having a friendly chat or I could possibly think that the policeman was doing his usual ritual (don't ask me what is the usual ritual). But within few seconds, he took his stick and started to beat the auto driver quite arrogantly. The driver was crying to stop the beating. Before the policeman could hear, the driver had received probably 10 heavy beatings barring 10 more beatings that fell on the auto off the target.

While I dont know what caused the policeman to show huge displeasure and arrogance towards the auto driver but I certainly feel that that was not a way to treat a human being. That was totally inhumane.

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