24 March 2010

Go Kiss The World - Still Lingers

Last night, I happen to complete another book in my lifetime (ok, this is just to tell you that I m a poor reader with irregular reading habits). Oh, this is the second book that I read cover to cover and still feel that I should reread it. It is "Go Kiss The World" by Subroto Bagchi. The first was "Freedom" by Osho. Go Kiss The World is about a commoner who went about achieving great things in life and how a commoner turns himself, a little extraordinary everyday and at finally one day he turns out to be a bit hit. The book talks about simple things in life, the common deeds or mistakes we do. Mr. Bagchi is very transparent in his writing and brings out his true colors. Of course, he is a rainbow and sunshine. Coming up in life is not rocket science but it needs constant inward looking.

I like the book not only because it gives me motivation and confidence but also it gives me enough courage to be trustworthy and transparent. I must (and am) relate to Mr. Bagchi when he says, "do not suck up your bosses but praise your subordinates". Because the bosses expect that we will dance for their tune whereas the subordinates keep remembering the praise throughout his lifetime. I strongly believe in being a lifelong student and my happiness was boundless when I read about learning.

One important aspect I liked in the book that each of us should learn is to give credits to people who changed your life. In that front, Mr Bagchi is outstanding and it shows the human values, love and affection he has towards his fellow beings.

Overall, it was a nice adventure and tutelage to read the book and I would give six stars out of five.

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Anonymous said...

Yes the most important lessons that will remain close to my heart is "do not suck up your bosses but praise your subordinates" ,this is how I like to be if I become a leader one day(I doubt if I can ever became a leader bcoz i ask too many questions about useless customs ;) ), I posted a similar kind of stuff in my blog comparing it with Gladiator movie http://testingideas.wordpress.com/2010/03/18/gladiator/ “Be a loyal solider to a true emperor and inspire your men to fight for the emperor. But bravely defy the betrayed emperor by inspiring fellow-men, even if turned into a slave.” ,
The other important one from the book is the” most important quality of the manager is listening”
I also don't read much books, but what matters is analyzing what we’ve read, then relate that to reality and then try to check if that will work to our context.
Dhanasekar S