13 March 2010

Core Values - Looking Inside Vs Looking Outside

When someone say about "Core Values" or "Human Values", what do you think? Is it a thing to look inside or do you look outside? Let us take a recent example. By now, you would have known about a spiritual guru who is in very serious allegations. You would have also heard media, disciples and general public abusing him. Many people think that his acts were shameful. We react sharply when others slip. But when we slip, it is just a slip and we know how to make up.

This shows that we have a serious integrity problem. We look for core values from others when we do not have the ability to display strong core values. We complain about commercialization of political system, spirituality, education system and yet use those without any regrets. You cannot expect "core values" from others unless you display it by yourself. The "Core value' is not a commodity that is available in market. If you have it, be proud that you have it, follow it and live with it. Don't expect back. The "core values" is individual phenomenon and it has to be looked inside first.

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