20 March 2010

Be Nude to Open Your Mind

The other day my three year old nephew came out of the bathroom and was jumping up and down. Yeah, he was making me happy, he was dancing, singing, playing (and of course teaching). When it comes to performance (giving a damn hard try), my nephew never minds whether he wears his trousers or not. He just gives a try (sometimes with dress, sometimes half nude and sometimes full nude). His sheer passion to try and get involved is simply amazing. It is when I saw him in a different perspective, I saw a teacher in him (I will tell this story sometime later). He was showing me a way to be a top performer (not in someone's perspective but from the perspective of oneself).

We wear dress in the form of conditioning. This conditioning helps us (is it really help?) to form perception and the perception takes us towards the judgment and then action. So, based on your conditioning and how close you are conditioned to the accepted level of conditioning of the society (or people around you), you become a super star in the eyes of others. So, you will be given award or outstanding award simply because you are obedient.

Being obedient is a nasty thing and that shows that you are not learning (by obedience, I mean asking questions about the accepted norms of the society. By obedience, I don't mean politeness). This is exactly going against the nature and is a non-performance. You are inactive by simply accepting what others say. The performance is born when you become nude that is when you drop your conditioning and establish your own view about things like a child.

On a lighter note (but real incident),

Employee: No one hears my views.
HR: We have open door policy. We always encourage people to ask questions.
Employee: Doors are open but minds are closed.
HR: ????? :-(

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