22 February 2010

Reinventing Myself - Asking Questions

I never thought that I would become such a waste. A couple of days back, when I was talking to my father about my childhood, he told me that I used to ask a lot of questions. He also told me (and I still vaguely remember) that I used to experiment a lot with electric switches and would be playing with 230V, 5A AC power.

Over a period of time, I totally lost myself. I did not ask questions and I did not experiment. Experimenting things and asking questions go hand in hand. When you have questions, we used to experiment and when we experiment things we tend to get a lot of questions. Experimentation together with questioning curiosity what is needed for life - may it be professional career or our personal lives.

The decisions come out of experimentation and outcome of asking several questions is certainly thought through and likely to yield more results. I learned it again couple of months back and I m currently going through a personal journey of reinventing my childhood. I hope that this journey will be fruitful and transform me.

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