17 January 2010

I' m back - Burning Fat

First of all, my hearty new year wishes to the readers.

It is going to be more than two months since I blogged. Work is overwhelming and never gives me time to take break for blogging. Let me not talk too much about my work. I m back in action and hope that I continue to blog. Today, I feel so happy that I m consistent for the past two weeks in jogging. Started to job again with a kilometer run and over a period of two weeks, today I jogged little over 12 kilometers. Yes, it is 12 kilometers. This is the first time I jogged that distance with my heavy body. I could feel that my fat was burning when I ran. Before I started to run today, I thought to run 15 kilometers but gave up as my knees started to give pain. So, I called it for the day and came to my room in train (BTW, I m San Jose, USA for a short trip).

It is very funny that for the first time (in US and in my life), I went to office by jogging (around 4 miles) and on my return I covered almost three quarters of distance. Overall, I jogged little more than 12 kilometers. Of course, I covered the distance in two hours.

As usual, I saw few great human beings who cheered me up on the way - a man in cycle, a lady with her son, a couple with their kid, an old lady cheered me up with a lot of smile on their face and words of greetings.


Jegz.... said...

Great !! Didn't u feel uncomfortable by doing jogging with a laptop (as you say that u did jogging while going and returning fromo office) ?

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...

I dont go to office by jogging for work. In weekends, i generally jog. So, I dont need to carry laptop. :-)

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...

sorry. i generally jog to office in weekends. And jog near office during weekdays.

Ravi said...

When you are back in Chennai, you should join www.chennairunners.com .

I could barely run, and after being with them for 2 months I was able to run a half-marathon in B'lore. Since then I have completed two full marathons.

San Jose is a good place to run.

Cheers and keep running.

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...


Thanks for stopping by.

Wow, glad to hear..

When I say, I ran, it is not really running. I just jogged and sometimes slow jogging :-).

But it was good experience when you challenge yourself.