19 October 2009

Where is Humanity? Painfully Inhumane

It should be more than 15 years and it was early January. I was climbing the mountains of Sabarimala as a kanni swami. We were group of 20 people and segregated into three groups. The youngsters in the group will march fast to identify the best place to rest and fetch water/refreshments for others. There will be thousands of such groups marching towards Sabarimala. I still remember many instances where irrespective of the group we belong to there will numerous helping hands. People all over India will be on pilgrimage and on the way to worship Lord Ayyappa they will offer service. I still remember a 80 year old swami massaging my legs. Now, I feel that it is Lord Ayyappa who massaged my leg. It is such a pleasant experience and a rejoice to see a man serving a man without expecting anything. But we also have people who never feel that it is their duty to help mankind needing desperate help.

Yesterday it was so painful to hear a driver was suffering from a massive cardiac arrest while driving his car. The bosses in the car were supposed to meet a top shot businessman for a party or meeting. As soon as they saw the driver uncomfortable and stopped the car, the three men helped him to find a nice place in a roadside pavement for a fresh air. One of them drove the car and went to the meeting. These three gentlemen can be a big business magnets, how the hell they will ensure that their customers, employees and the environment is peaceful if they can't help a person who drove them. Isn't this driver played a key role by driving them safely throughout their life? Why are they equating everything to balance sheets? What rights they have to claim that they are human beings? It is very pathetic that we have given the economy to private companies who have people like this.

Another ordinary person you just walked by saw the driver and hospitalized him. He also informed his family and currently the driver is recuperating. As usual, the doctors said that had he been hospitalized five minutes late, he would have been no more. BTW, the driver is in his mid fifties and the incident happened a couple of days before in Mumbai.

Many activists are now trying using RTI to know who are those three and who is their boss, their company. I am also eagerly looking forward and join the activists. More story can be read from the following like - Mid Day. Will Mid Day disclose the information they have and help us to stop such cruelty.


Anonymous said...

This is very clear indication of the cruel truth ,how inhumane we are turning into. Everyone is running behind money.

Thanks for blogging about this incident.Initiatives like this will make many to understand, the cruel reality of where we are heading and think about the real values of humanity.
Thanks once again for this post.

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...


I should thank you for the retweet. These incidents tell us now not to be. It was so painful to us to read the news and write it. But that is the way how we can move up as complete human beings.

As you said, we need to very sensitive our fellow human beings and human values.

Thank you once again.

Anonymous said...

The real problem is nobody has time to think,we are into very competitive world and every one is running hard for their survival.These kind of writings help the reader realize how not to be as you said.I just re tweeted the message so my friends can read and realize that.You blogged about that.These are positive steps to prevent more such incidents.

Thennam Pandian said...

I want to share one such incident, which is happened to my father. My father was a lorry driver. He was on the way to pallakkadu(in kerala), with the cleaner.

At that time, he got the first attack. The cleaner ( who is around 65) took my father to a hospital. The doctor in the hospital is not heart specialist. So they ask him to take my father to heart specialist. He took my father to that hospital. They confirmed that it is the first attack. Soon. he called the lorry set and informed about the situation.

The owner in the lorry set ask the cleaner to wait until some body from my family come to take care of him.The owner called us and inform about this.After that he asked other driver and cleaner to travel to pallakadu to take the lorry to the deliver the materials.

We started from NagerCoil to reach the pallakadu. It took around 15 hours to reach there. When I saw the cleaner in the hospital, I thanked him a lot (can't express the feelings). He explained me how my father was struggled.

Later he went to his work.

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...


Thanks for sharing your own life story.

It is so much relieving to get help from people when we badly need it. They inspire us just walking normal after doing God's work.