24 October 2009

Think Twice Before Acting on Others Decision

It has been quite an experience these days. Every year, I tend to work with great minds as my teammates and this gives me immense experience. When I started my career, I was weak and numb. But over a period of time, my confidence grew by just looking others. This experience has taught me "think before you act, think twice before you act on others words".

The above sentence has two parts. The first part "think before you act" is obvious. The second part "think twice before you act on others' words" is not so normal. It is abnormal. When you are acting on others' words, you are acting in conventional way. Most of the times, the conventional way is the way that is traveled more. It does give you experience but it doesn't give you different experience. You are going to be in a box.

But when you think deeply (that think twice), you need to understand the hidden meaning and things will start to appear differently. This is like you read a classical book for the second time - the gets into the clearly. So, when you act on others' words, you need to think twice. It is an opportunity to go creative. It is the way that is less traveled and you go out of box. Do it, you will be happier :-)

This is highly important because in this world we are always conditioned and it requires a strong will and mindset to think deeply. The entire world will conspire against you to condition you.

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