08 October 2009

Leadership 101 - If you cannot Change, Don't Complain

Many of us often complain that things are not perfect or near-perfect. Being perfect is very difficult and nearly impossible and so is near to perfect. But, we can always try to be perfect. When it comes to others, we will have highest standards and see others' accomplishments as tiny. But when it comes our accomplishment we always see them through lens. This mentality introduces a fake inconvenience and we pass on our negative emotions to the environment. We question, then we complain and finally we fly away without causing any trouble.

But did we think that "flying away" is not a solution. If you fly away thinking that the other side of the river will be good, you will later realize that it is just another bank which is as good as or as bad as this bank. Mere complaining is a sick way of looking things. It is ok to complain as long as you authentically find ways to fix it. The complaining is the tool of people who solve problems and it is not tool to vent out your negativity.

Next time, when we complain, we need to find what are we going to change with our complaints. Then complaints make bigger sense.


3rdeye said...

I like this post. sensible thought. The flying away was too general with a subtle meaning . should that word be read with lens.

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...


The meaning is straight and not hidden. We often run away from the problem thinking that "running away" is a wise. This is obviously not for NRI particularly in Gulf :-)

For example, in many organizations there are people just to criticize. They never try to change the system. Just sit on the wall like cat to ensure that they reach safe harbor. They wait to a point until they feel it is time to leave to some other organization thinking that it is possible to run organizations without problems.

It applies to life too. I came across few such people and felt bad.