06 October 2009

How to become a better developer?

Once I was traveling in a bus and my school friend (who is also a software engineer) asked me how to become a better developer. He was a Java developer and asked me how to be a better Java developer. What are the things that one should learn to become a better Java developer. I answered him that "first be a developer" and then "try to become a better developer". I strongly believe that any person can be a better person only by asking questions. The questions has to be open and push one's own thinking and also others. It is the curiosity and questioning will make us better.

If you have whole a lot of experience and if you just ask closed ended questions, you are quacking like ducks. You can be a better person in saying what a thing does. But you cannot be a person to make something better. It is of no use either to you or anyone around you. First criteria to become a better person is to ask questions that provokes thinking. Once you ask such questions, you will automatically become a better person, better human being, better developer too. Questions matter a lot.

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3rdeye said...

now i like your blog which has general profound posts. nice one. close end question and some ask question for the mere sake of questioning. What i learnt in RVMHS is ask a question to others only when you dont find a conviencing answer after asking yourself.