04 October 2009

Gods in Bus - How to Live? One hour story

Yesterday, I was traveling from Villupuram to Chennai after meeting my aunt at Villupuram. I boarded the us around 6pm and the journey was as usual. There was a old lady around 85 years also boarded and she came alone. Somehow she got help from a young chap and said that he would her somewhere in Chennai. There was also another Mr Vasudevan who is a priest and spiritual person. The first few hours went as usual.

Everyone in the bus expressed concern about the lady traveling alone. She tackled everyone with some reasons. Mr Vasudevan also interacted with her, being a spiritual person his interaction was much at the higher level and he connected with the old lady pretty fast. It seems like the lady is in some Pandurangan temple and plans to visit Kasi to attain mukthi. Mr. Vasudevan asked her, if you are with Pandurangan, why do you need Kasi? Why do you want to go to Kasi in this old age? You can attain mukthi in your very place. If possible try to chant and offer work in the temple that your body allows. Else keep quiet and just attain mukthi.

The Patti was quite impressed and took it as order from HIM. She said that she would go back to the temple and never come back. She also blessed Mr Vasudevan that he should get married soon. The bus stopped at Tambaram, both of them got down. Mr Vasudevan gave her ten rupees and they parted as if they are true/long friends. During the journey there was some spiritual discourse and bhajans by Mr. Vasudevan and Patti.

But I could see heaven in the bus for an hour. I learned on how to make meaning and be useful to others.


3rdeye said...

earlier when i was on your page first time, i felt distanced with your page as it was techi stuff that didnt attract but on reading a couple of your post, you make me sit up with your blog. You write something the way i see world. I appreciate your outlook towards world. Have you read " ruskin bond" he used to write short stories with such a kind of onliner you had made in this post. he would make it as a short story with interesting narration. I am not sure if you had read the english lesson - lost child by tagor in 10th ( if i am right ) or a non detailed first lesson about a indian baristar travelling in a train first class compt and his wife in a second class train . can you recall the story and the style of narration. you could really try your hands on this one liner to make a short a story. May be i got too involved in this one post and i feel wish i had written one. But unfortunate my english is pathetic. if LG and CS happens to read my english will commit sucide.

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...


I m stumped. I ll try to live up to your expectations.

BTW, i dont agree with you on your English proficiency.

3rdeye said...

Oh my english is pathetic. dont even have a second thought. I am always a pathetic essay writer. Have you ever seen me bagging any prize on essay competition that was not my cup of tea. Who knows which is the spelling for dictionary. still i need word to check the word for dictionary.