20 October 2009

Difference between Guru and the Student

It was a gurukula, all the students were gathered for the graduation of a student. The student was excited and wanted to test his Guru in front of all the other students. Guru sensed that and simply smiled. In front of others, the student asked the Guru, "I now know whatever you know and I learned all you know when I am quite young". The student went on to ask Guru, "How long did you take". Guru said, "I m still a student and I don't think that I will complete by learning in my lifetime". The student now realized what it takes to be a Guru.

We always get carried away with the things we know. We stuff our mind with a lot of "I" and literally leaving little space for other important things. It is not a great deal to know all the information in this world. With this technology advancement there is no wonder if we come up with a device that stores most of the useful information in this world. It takes a great deal to understand how a thing affects the other. It takes a great deal to understand how things affects us when we change them. Any person with limited lifetime will have limited capabilities and it is practically impossible to have infinite lifetime or infinite processing speed. A lifelong student is aware of this limitation.

The difference between a Guru and a Student is that the Guru understand His limitations and continue to march towards excellence but a student thinks that he has already reached excellence by focusing too much on his merits. The difference between Guru and the student is "Awareness".