25 October 2009

Are You Restless With Things Around You?

The external environment affects us so much and we just fall as victim to the environment. We feel so bad for falling as victim and often feel that we are not able to solve some problems. For example, we agitate a lot when we see child labor, misuse of power, corruption, someone not performing their duties and the list can be endless. The main problem is that we want this world to think exactly like us. If you are over pragmatic, you will know that is not possible and you certainly fall on the other spectrum which is not caring too much about you and the world around you. This post is for people who agitate, agitate a lot. Agitation or becoming restless is a wonderful thing. That shows that you have awareness and you are so concerned about the environment.

When will you become restless? You become restless when you are aware that you are wasting your energy not producing any work or little. This is exactly how the external environment affects us. We react to the happenings to the environment. We fail to understand that we cannot react at the pace of the environment. If you think so, you will have time only to context switch. You need to understand the purpose of life and diligently move towards it by channelizing energy. If you channelize the energy, you will not become restless. You will understand the purpose and feel satisfied with the path you have chose.n If you are restless, it is great thing. You need little introspection, little bit of self talking and little effort to connect with yourself in perfect synchrony.

The key to add value to this world is to become restless and then to move towards the purpose of life without forgetting the environment. The solutions to all problems lies in our head. We just need to channelize energy and think.

I have read few of self help books. I can say most of them did not apply to me because I feel that I am unique and I am special case. But all those books gave me little thought to do a deep introspection and all those books helped me to move out of "restlessness" and be focused on the "purpose".

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