03 September 2009

When do you Look Out? It really Matters

The world throws out enough of case studies and sometimes it will stunning that you happen to learn each minute. Only thing that one needs to do is to be open. One of my friends/classmates shared his experience and here it goes. Sometimes, the mangers, who in the name of leveraging or delegating mess up with things. The real shortsightedness makes them so vulnerable without they knowing that they are vulnerable. It is very pathetic and for an outsider it is quite evident. The delegation of your delivery cannot happen across teams but you can always leverage. But when you are leveraging one needs to know what is being leveraged and the risk involved in the leverage.

One risk that comes with leveraging is sudden spike of advantages - immediately you will have advantages however you will not have the experience that comes with building the advantage. But when you leverage you are going against the nature and evolution. In this world, the advantages brought by evolution is relatively stable. When we leverage and if we do not know the associated risk, it is like crossing a free way - you may luckily get away but you may also get crashed. So, the managers need to use "leveraging" as getting to a place fast but always should invest time in getting something organically. Always organic is good. When you look out is more important. If you look out for something which you need to build in-house, the end results will be tragedy. So, always (or most of the times) do not look out for leveraging. If it takes hard work to do, just do it as the hard work will strengthen the system further.

What you are leveraging, when you are leveraging and the associated risks have to be studied before leveraging. Don't leverage something which takes only few minutes to think/build. (It sucks).

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