02 September 2009

Informative Talk on Entrepreneurship

It took me 29 and odd years to understand that simplicity and modesty is the way to start. I was fortunate to attend a talk by Mr. Raju Venkataraman, a serial entrepreneur at IIT Madras, Chennai. He was talking about entrepreneurship and qualities. When to take risk, how to take risk and how to sustain the own venture talking examples from his life. He quoted in many places about Tata, Ambani, Gates, Steve Jobs and many others.

During his talk one thing that stood out was his - simplicity and modesty. He quite often connected the dots and making the participants to know the unknown through known simple principles of life. He never tried to force things. When some asked a question about being ethical. Without any prejudices, he answered "being ethical" is part of your value system. I would say that is an important take away for me and anyone who is trying to become entrepreneur. Apart from whole a lot of inspiration, having a value system is quite important.

Being ethical or unethical is the manifestation of one's value system. It is "ok" to rob if you are a thief because it is your value system. He doesn't mean or want us to have low value system but his point was to convey the importance of "value system". I feel that I need to spend sometime reflecting about my value system and make it "real" value system.

Great Insights.

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3rdeye said...

As my philosphy revolves around a phrase :" WRT- with respect to " the value system differ and nothing is inferior or superior because it is all with respect to. I still have a serious question since my school days, on what with respect to Universal rules of good and bad " value system" is framed !? a big subject for introspection unfortunate my brain is not evolved for that subject. But never quiting to finding an answers for a open ended question.