19 September 2009

Fantastic Day - Let everyday be like today

It was a great day today and the best day in my career. For the past few weeks, I have been involved in recruitment and conducting interviews. Today is the second in this month that we sit for interviews. Today, I did over twenty interviews that I will forget in my life and I did two interviews, I will never forget in my life.

First one, a candidate with two years of experience was doing a decent job but there was little gap. I sat with the candidate and give feedback about the performance and how it can be improved. The candidate was moved and said "no one so far gave me feedback" and thanked me. I feel that it is not usual thank you but heartfelt one. That moved me and showed me that I was doing something right :-).

The second instance was interview whom I thought ordinary but he turned the interview extraordinary. He had basic knowledge of Java. With his knowledge, he was able to connect the basic knowledge and came up with a system that is flexible. Soon he is going to join me at work. I promise you that I will have him write a post about his experience. Whatever he did was simple but elegant at the same time. I feel that I played a crucial role in asking him right questions to unblock his mind. He played a very very crucial in connecting those. He is a thinker.

Thank you guys.

Overall, a fulfilling day and I wish everyday pan out to be like today.

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