26 September 2009

Big Aspiration - Making Myself An Architect

I have written in the past about my lack of focus. I feel that if I focused more I would have feeling better now. When I sit back and think, I have few reasons to cherish and to feel good but overall I feel that I could have done better. I have come up with a list of things that I should do and planning to correct my approach with a year long immersion and self realization program. Yes, in a year or so, I planning to transform myself as a software architect. The primary purpose of this immersion program is to bring in focus and discipline in my efforts. I need to think properly and realize importance of channelize my efforts.

Hope many of you agree that as we become more experienced the things that are expected of us will grow exponentially. An experienced guy cannot create wow by just putting efforts. Even at a personal level, the satisfaction due to hard work will be for a while but fades out gradually. The satisfaction due to thinking, mapping the results against the decisions due to the thinking and impact created to fellow human beings due to the results will drive us towards excellence. Becoming an architect is the first step and during my journey I will share my thoughts through this blog.

If everything goes good, I will be rolling out a workshop on software design and architecture. I aspire to conduct workshop to change perspectives and remove prejudices that are not needed or hinder healthy thinking process. To stay on course, I have created a page, TinyThoughts and this will be under construction for a year. After a year, TinyThoughts will take shape.

This is another way of taking control or becoming an architect of one's own life. It is great feeling :-)

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