28 September 2009

Article Publication - Mere Coincidence

It is an important milestone in my life and my career. I m completing five years as author of Linux for You and I am wondering how I still continue to write. I still remember the day I had a discussion about threads with my colleagues and went ahead to write a multi-threaded program in Linux with POSIX threads. Fortunately, my lead was writing articles for LFY and thought I could also write articles. I contacted them and they were prompt to reply that "Introduction to Threads" was already published and asked me whether I can extend it.

I suggested another topic "Synchronizing Threads" which was accepted. The next article was implementing the system call in Linux. The first two articles were written in quick succession and still remember those moments. For all these years, I have written more than 20 articles in many areas - Linux, Network Security, Java, Javascript, Tools and Design Pattern. Later this gave me confidence to speak in conferences that are related to Open Source like LinuxAsia, GNUnify, OSI Tech Days, and Software Testing/Engineering like STEP Auto.

I remember the editors who helped me during this journey - Rahul, Tina, Samartha, Atanu, Sujata and Atul. I made so many prints because of you guys. Thank You. You played a very big role in making me an author :-).

But writing for LFY was mere coincidence but I can say for sure that it ignited me to move towards excellence. It gave me a very big platform to continuously learn and share with others. Overall a period of time, I was able to write something on my own that makes sense and of use to others. You can find all the articles published by me here. It is a wonderful feeling to be part of Open Source community and writing in Asia's best open source magazine. Thank You Linux for You.

Looking forward to collaborate with you.

List of Articles Published in Linux for You (scroll down the page and go to Publications section)

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