31 August 2009

Where is education? Is it education Industry?

We are living in the world of commercialization where even relationships are commercialized. Education is no exception. Few years back, I was traveling to Delhi for a conference and fortunate to meet a senior person. Since Chennai to Delhi travel time is two and half hours, I wasn't sure about how to spend time. Fortunately, I happen to sit next to a senior person who is Engineer by profession but retired from service.

He was talking about present education system and commercialization of education. He felt that even the educated were falling in the trap of education industry business magnets. He said that the real education did not happen in classroom and the real education for the student was to connect the dots - ability to know the unknown through known. He said that the students of those days suffered from poor exposure and even these days it didn't improve. It is through exposure and constant practice one can become a perfect engineer. He was suggesting me that I should contribute more the society and share my knowledge with others.

Our journey ended when the flight landed in Delhi airport and he wished me for my talk that afternoon and blessed me. I cannot forget the travel and it comes to my mind today because I m so excited to architect a prolonged training for students from computers background to make them employable. I am going to put all my seven and odd years of experience in this initiative. I am going to do this through Internet with the help of web applications. I ll keep you posted and you can expect a post in a month.


ARK said...

In fact, my company's logo represents the idea of "connecting the dots". Because in research we slowly understand the unknown through known! :)

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...

BTW, the person who enlightened me is also IIT alumnus. I cannot forget your logo because of six dots and how those are connection. The connection is artistic (which is humane) and it is philosophical/factual as it represents inter-connections and inter dependency. The logo manifests the existence of parts and how they are related/connected to form whole.

My best wishes to your brain child - Six Dots.

3rdeye said...

Am glad you did what you wrote.

Thennam Pandian said...

I too agree that education is one of the biggest business in today's market.
Through education we should get wisdom. But today schools ready to complete their syllabus than giving wisdom to their pupils. So the real education (getting wisdom) can happens anywhere not only in the schools. Few scientists and leaders not even completed their schooling. Their inventions and thoughts are taught by the teachers. Really we need to think on it.

I like gurukulam way of teaching. We all are unlucky to miss that wonderful experience. In gurukulam they take care of all your attitude, behavior and etc... But in today's school they will teach you only the syllabus. They don't have the time to think over the syllabus. But there are very few who takes care of the child character, attitude and etc...