14 August 2009

Video Post - Java Code Coverage with Emma

Here you go, for the first time, I have recorded my voice for a tutorial on Java Code Coverage with Emma. Please have a look and let me know whether it is useful to you. I m planning to slowly but consistently release similar tutorials on Java, Tools, Operating Systems and Network Security. Watch the first presentation on Emma by clicking this links
  1. Emma Code Coverage - Part 1
  2. Emma for IDEs - Eclipse
  3. Emma for IDEs - Netbeans
  4. Emma - Offline Instrumentation
  5. Emma - On-the-fly Instrumentation
  6. Emma - Reporting
  7. Emma with Ant
  8. Emma with Junit


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Video about Emma, it was very helpful.

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...


You are welcome