25 August 2009

Security For Thinkers - Tech Talk

Tomorrow (26-Aug-09), I will be giving a technical talk in one of the famous US banks IT department at Chennai. After reading few pages of Beyond Fear and few pages in System Thinking, I tried to put together a presentation that primarily focused on security from system thinking point of view. So many things fail or produce adverse effects due to poor understanding and security is one. The attacks that are published are only very few percentage of the attacks and many do not like to report it. We never think about how to have our software/hardware secured. It is quite a irony that an attacker who knows about our application hardly anything cracks the software in no time or in few hours.

This shows the incapability in thinking and still we are playing a catching up game. In this presentation, I am planning to give system thinking view about security, the proactive security and sensible security. Unlike other security talks, I will not be presenting or discussing about Top 10 attacks as we never know which will be in Top 10 and we cannot predict when 100th attack will move to Top 10. We need a view that protects us always. Here is what I m planning to cover.

Credits should go to my friend M.S. Rajkumar Pandian for recommending me to BoA friend. Thank you Raj. I would have been much happier if we present this talk together.

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