02 August 2009

Phishing - What an Idiot?

I never used to look at my SPAM folders and just send those emails directly to graveyard. Today, I happen to see one of the emails that appears to be from ICICI Bank. This is the phishing email and the guy was making everyone idiot. The phishing was tailored in a simple way. Observe the following picture and carefully look at the red rectangle. One rectangle highlights a text linked with a URL. The text of the hyperlink has http://www.icicibank.com/..... and the actual URL goes somewhere which can be observed from the second rectangle.

I was using Google Chrome which promptly pointed that the website was phishing site. This shows that the internet users illiterate in basic information security and the attackers take those innocent but careless people for a ride and make a big sum. This guy still uses a very foolish method to fool us. Beware, when Chrome or Firefox says something, just give it the deserved attention. This is just a thought to promote Information Security in normal life. We are so much obsessed with Internet and we need to use the knife to just cut the fruit and not our hands.

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