26 August 2009

Most Fruitful Day

Today was a fruitful day. As I told yesterday, I needed to give a technical talk to Bank of America office at Chennai (this is Merrill Lynch office to be precise) on Security. It was raining later in the afternoon, but I had a little window when the rain stopped and started from my office around 3.15 pm. The journey to Merill Lynch took almost an hour. After going through security check (like the one in airports), I met my friend who invited me for the talk. Within few minutes we were ready for the talk.

The talk itself was very interesting to me and the audience asked me questions from basics to advanced. The management made the event lively by giving away some gifts to participants who answer questions. I felt like this was most interactive session I ever presented. I talked about Security, why it fails, myths and attack spectrum of a banking application. Due to lack of time, I cut shot the presentation by 15 minutes but overall I felt that I learned a great deal by giving this talk. I received a feedback of 3.5/5 and shows that I got to improve. During this talk, I met new friends.

On the way back to my home, I had an appointment with my college friend (who is research scholar in IIT Chennai). He was explaining me about his new venture and his business plans. We discussed about his consulting experiences, stock market, education system, social responsibility. We planned to collaborate in few initiatives that greats impact in society. I spent around four hours with him and it was quite a learning for me. We also discussed about algorithms, mathematical modeling, fiber optics, network security, open source and philosophy.

Overall, today (particularly the afternoon), went like a super fast express.

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