22 August 2009

Leadership 101 - Write Test Everyday

One of the priceless lessons I learned from my father is "write test everyday". My father is a teacher. He retried from his paid work but continues his work for free to local students here in Chennai. He was a Sanskrit Pandit at Villupuram. I don't remember the year exactly but it was the time when I was in school and I was complaining about school exams. I said to my father that these teachers were killing me with exams and progress cards.

Being a teacher himself, he said that the students' life is relatively stress free because they write once in a quarter or once in a month. But a teacher writes exams everyday when he stands before his students to impart the lessons in text books and the lessons of life. But generally, the teachers never feel the pressure because they do it out of passion. But eventually they write test everyday. The teacher does the home work and remains open when he delivers his lecture. When you have the attitude of "writing test everyday", you will never take a job without understanding and planning. Once you do that, you job is almost over.

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