13 August 2009

Leadership 101 - Trust, Remember it starts from you

If there is a broken relationship or a failed business, there will be only one reason - "Failing to establish the trust". This world has seen and probably each one of us might have seen businesses and relationship fail because of lack of trust. It is the same trust that is behind each successful organization and peaceful relationships. For example, assume that you go a shop to buy a thing for a buck. The trust between you and the shop keeper is just for a buck. It is when either you or the shop keeper trust the other for more than a buck, the relationship grows, else it decreases gradually. This is exactly why we are pleasant to few and unpleasant to few.

If we are unpleasant to few, this shows that we don't trust them fully - there are strings attached, you trust them with conditions. When you want to grow the relationship or business or lead a team, you got to trust them more. When you trust them more, they sense and experience it, then they trust you even more and it grows. On the other hand, when you trust them less, in return, they trust you less and finally both of you end up in mistrust.

Like me, if you believe in God, the God within you, "Trust Others, and They will trust you more" and I believe, this is the foundation for strong relationship and leadership.

Have a Great Day.

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