15 August 2009

Leadership 101 - Integrity, Makes You Feel Great When You Die

I just love it, the word Integrity. I have a great respect for the word and I consider people with Integrity as my Guru may it be two years old or hundred years old. Integrity is one of the rarest quality that we can find these days. When the man invented money he started to lose his integrity. Often his desire turned to greed and he had become a maniac to go to any extent and most of the times even up to losing his Integrity.

I don't want to hide the fact that on a daily basis there are challenges that put me on a hot stove only to test my Integrity. When I encounter those situations, my inner tells me that don't mortgage Integrity for the sake of momentarily success on petty things. But yet, my greediness wins and I lose Integrity. How powerful my greediness is?

After deeply introspecting, I found myself a "self centric" person focusing on myself and never tried connecting with the whole. I never searched whole. For example, when I m in my home, I think about home but do not think home in the context of a whole "town". When I think about "town" I don't connect it with my country. When I think about my "country", I don't think about my planet. When I think about my "planet", I don't think about my universe. When I think about my universe, I don't think about myself.

We the human being often fail to appreciate the interconnectedness between many objects in the creation. We know little things and often we fail to realize that we know only little. The ego and greediness rules and that leads us towards something insane. We guys know how to crab someone without appearing like a "ditch guy". We are experts and we call it growth, outpacing competition, strategist and business leaders.

If you are going to do something after mortgaging your Integrity, the world is not going to like it and so are your people. I feel that before working on my business skills, I need to work on my Integrity to make myself a good human being. After doing that my business skills will make some sense to this world and myself.

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