11 August 2009

Leadership 101 - Paint the wall of Great Future

Many of us were good in the past and good in present. Given a task or work, all of us will complete it successfully. There is no doubt about it. Many of us call ourselves successful if we are little better than others in our own scale. The scale or the parameter we compare with others vary and it is a convenient marriage between what you achieve and what others don't. We generally do not compare ourselves with our weaknesses (which is often other's strength). That is fair as it is human tendency.

You can witness the very same thing in organizations. They call themselves number one in profit, lines of business, revenue, number of clients, and many others self proclaimed scales. This stinks and this shows that those organizations do not have legs to stand up. They are in terrible fear of future. Many organizations just ride their future by aligning themselves with economic and business cycles.

Leadership is all about painting the wall with glory of the transformation. Leadership is setting a compelling vision to eradicate fear among people and give them courage to add more glory. It is leader's responsibility to paint the wall of future with compelling vision but not with usual vision of being number one, deliver high quality products and blah blah. For instance quality is no more an competitive advantage and so is cost advantage. If you do not have quality, you will be out of business. The future is more important than delivering the current projects.

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