12 August 2009

Leadership 101 - Listening People Isn't a Bad Idea

It takes a great deal to be a leader and even hard is to become a charismatic one. If you look at the charismatic leader, they listen to others and they communicate well. But is it sufficient? Every charismatic leader are down to earth either in terms of accepting what they don't know or put their knees down to reach out the people who are hurt.

They know their limitations and even if they cannot fix all the issues, they just hear the voices, feelings and emotions of hurt souls. Generally, people fell great when someone hear them. Just check this with any three old kid. He will come to you and explain his own story about moon. After he completes his story, his eyes go bright. He feels that the person who hears him respects him. WoW, what a feeling? Think about when you show similar respect to other human being who feels that his voice hasn't be heard. Just hear it.

Listening is a way of leadership when one sits with a person who is seriously hurt. Just keep on listening and speaking only little to help him to vent out his feelings, emotions and words. During listening, authentically engage in active listening. Don't browse your cell phone, laptop or think about your friend who will wait for you in a cinema theature next week. Engage in active listening. Listening is sufficient to put your views across that you are respecting him and that will lift his morale.

Listening is equivalent to leading. It works.

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