06 August 2009

Leadership 101 - Leader Will Always Be a Follower

If you are obsessed with something, you will love it like a mad and it applies to leadership too. When it becomes a passion, you will understand the leadership is more about following and less about being followed. You will live for the principles that you believe in. When you have your vision on moving up the career or a top post, it is very unlikely that you will reach it. But rather, you to have see top post as a by-product of your leadership. The foundation is your attitude to see followership in leadership.

This following is not running after people. This is more about giving more power to people who think right and act right. Many people call this "Inverting the Pyramid" where the people are allowed and motivated to make decisions. It is faster way of creating decision makers and leaders and right way too. If you are a true leader, you will accept that creating thinkers and leaders will be of top most priority. "Inverting the Pyramid" and following the decisions of your people will make you unmatchable team and bring up the hidden potential of individuals leading to transformation.

So, a leader always has follower's mindset. Any thoughts?

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