10 August 2009

Leadership 101 - Dusts are Great, It is Part of the Process

I was crossing countryside and I found a small a small heap of sand. After few hours, when I was returning back to my home, I saw a huge hill of sand. I went to the place and found two kids unearthed so much soil to dig a pit. How much soil they unearth is not that important when compared with what deeper they want to go. They focused on digging, digging and digging deeper. They understood the fact that going deeper makes sense than getting carried away with amount of soil they unearth.

Like kids digging a pit, we are also making a journey towards excellence. Excellence is similar to digging pit and going deeper. If you are also digging excellence and didn't make much progress, remember you are unearthing and going deeper. It will take little more time, dedication, effort and digging. But don't stop digging, dig further. If you have found too much of sand, it is great because it is part of the process and it shows that the process is working for you. Throttle and move on, you are right on track. If you don't unearth dust or it stops, then it shows that you are not digging.

So, dusts are great, it is the part of the process.

Gung Ho

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