20 August 2009

Leadership 101 - Don't Negotiate with your Team

Many of us use negotiation at wrong places and one such place is negotiation in teams. Don't negotiate anything with anyone in your team to build trust. "If you give this, I will give that" will not work in team building. Negotiation is sick when it comes to team. Never try to build trust by negotiation. It is the language that will not work in a long term. While it may give momentary successes which are often fake, it does not have steam to give long term and sustained successes.

The successes and team can be built due to trust and never decreasing and ever increasing trust between the team members. If you negotiate with the team, it breaks the bond of trust. Once you have done it few times, it is very difficult to come out of the negotiation mode to mutual trust mode because you then need to build the trust again from the scratch (this negotiation also changes your subconscious mind to be cunning and tactical). If "negotiation" is your mode of communication, stop it and look for authentic "trust model" to communicate with your team. Then you will realize the "soul" in the team.

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