01 August 2009

Leadership 101 - Doing Right Vs Being Successful

There are two ways of looking at things - "Doing Right" and "Being Successful". All actions that are right may not lead to success and all successes which are gotten might not have been gotten in right way". We call someone goof who had the capability to think in a right way and we can give many examples. Like many man made objects, the successes are also made by man. If someone becomes successful after cheating (for example, building a house with corrupt money), we still praise him for being successful (and indirectly for cheating). If someone does something in right way and still fails, he is done. Because of this feedback system, most of us just do whatever is needed to be successful. We just praise success and do not care about being right.

We, the human being, get carried away my the momentary pleasures and gather the guts to do wrong thing if that wrong thing can be hidden or widely accepted in your society. You an option out of two.
  1. Being Right and Doing in right way
  2. Being Successful

Success gives pleasure gives to your ego and you feel excited until success ebbs out, but "being right" is humane and divine thing, it always excites you. When you are right, there will be great force in you that will drive you towards excellence and you will understand excellence is more than successful.

Who said "excellence" is journey. When you stay in the state of "being right", for you, the excellence will be a destination. This is great lesson I learned and also learning is that "being right" is toughest in life.

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