03 August 2009

Leadership 101 - Consistency is Key

When we were kids my father gave us (to my younger sister and me) a small container which we used to save daily pocket money. My mom used to give us 25 paisa and I remember in few months we were able to save 10-20 rupees. There is another instance. My father was a bread winner to whole of my family (including my grandma who was living in a village). Out of little money what my father used to give her monthly, she saved 1000 bucks (she might have saved for years) and deposited in a local bank in my name. She was an example of being consistent. Before I became fully aware of this, I loved her, later I loved her and respected her discipline.

Generally we don't care when someone advices about tiny improvements. Being the young blood, we just focus on big things. We ultimately focus on "big things" and lose focus on actual process. But the people who are experienced and matured will focus on tiny and important things. I learned the paramount importance of being consistent from my previous Project Leader - Mr. RK Raja. He is man of consistency and he pushed me towards consistency. My CEO Mr. Vineet Nayar, in one of his yearly meetings talked about rain drops and how the rain drops make an ocean.

When you want to dig 100 feet deep, you need dig 1 feet 100 times consistently. If you dig 25 feet three times or 50 feet one time, it isn't sufficient. Consistency is the key to transformation.

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