04 August 2009

Leadership 101 - Can ATM be a Leader?

The era of old (and old age) management and leadership is eroding. If you deny that you will be eroded along with old management styles. So far, we lived in the era of making money and most of the successes of corporations are upheld with single digit and sometimes double digit money matra - profit, revenue. Often, the people are called resources and head counts. But we are not far away from the world of oneness and mutual respect.

One of the key points that was discussed in "The Moonshots to Management" was that the power will go to people who add value and power will be yanked from people who do not add value and by the way, "The Moonshots to Management" was an article focusing management innovation from top notch professors and business leaders. Many people like Ken Blanchard have spoken about Inverting the Pyramid. If you haven't inverted it yet, do it now before you get buried when the pyramid inverts itself. The key differentiators in future centuries will be your people.

If you see "profit" is sufficient criteria for taking up leadership position, then an ATM that dispenses cash can be a great leader. Ask yourself what you have done for the people that you are representing and you privileged to lead. Have a time slot in your day (at least all working days) to think about your people and how you can transform them. Profit is fine for business but transformation is beyond business. Be sensible before it is too late. People will be proud to follow you. Period.

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