16 August 2009

Create an Image of Yourself

In this fast paced world, we tend to anything and everything that gives as pleasure. Most of the things that give us pleasure don't generally give us peace after sometime. We get addicted to those habits only to spoil ourselves. For example, eating fast foods, smoking, drinking, sleeping, procrastination and the list goes. We do all things that put us in pressure and finally after doing it we feel that we need to relax. We either go to spa for a massage or party out in a pub only to get pressurized more. The cycle of pressure and relax goes on and on. We never know how to break the cycle and during each iteration the pressure and the need for relaxation grow more.

But the real growth starts with a purpose like "absolute willingness to be a good human being", "helpful to self and possibly to others", "spread the goodness to the universe". This may sound altruistic. But that is what the life is all about. I never believed in the words of others (how great they are) but now I have started to feel that those words make sense. I am thinking how Swami Vivkenanda would have lived his life and wanted to have similar impact in my life. Sometimes my mind travels into 1800 to these days West Bengal to sneak peak what Swami Vivekananda is doing. I look at Gandhi's passion towards truth and want to resemble him in truthfulness. All these great qualities did not come to them but they acquired those qualities by constantly working on those qualities - sometimes alone and sometimes with their Guru.

These great people make us so tiny and yet give us hope that we can also experience their excellence in our lifetime. I believe, in order to do that, we need a mental model of ourselves, need to be sure about the ways of reaching them and inner, never ceasing passion to be self. The only thing that is required is to be self and constantly working on improving our inner self. The other things like discipline, character, wealth, health, peace and all goodness comes to us automatically. It all lies in our hands - creating an image.

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