10 July 2009

Worldclass Reference Points - Fight with them

Today, my friend Rajkumar and I had to attend another friend's marriage and as usual we talked about something, some mediocre people who always expect that the world should/will revolve around them (sharing our miseries). Neither they speak convincingly nor think thoughtfully. It was utter waste of time and probably be used to chew one's ego. If you make earnest try to drive home a point, I bet you will fail rather miserably. Silence is the language that you should speak.

Next we have talked about two thoughtful people. When Rajkumar talked Gerald M. Weinberg and James Bach, both of us were excited, spoke passionately and striking the thoughts in resonance. When you argue with thinkers either you become a student or become a teacher and there will be solid learning for both (On a contrary, when you have difference of opinion with mediocre people neither you nor the other will have any learning).

Today, my friend Rajkumar taught me an important lesson "Fight with worldclass reference points". Teachers are all around, Worldclass reference points are all around, you got open your eyes to see them. Thank you Raj.

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