15 July 2009

Which Skill to Unlearn?

You call it moving out of comfort zone or unlearning or new responsibilities, whatever you call it, do it in action. Moving out of comfort zone remembers me of one of the rituals done in Hindu mythology. The people who seek enlightenment (often elderly people) used to go on pilgrimage to various parts of India. The places and temples various based on customs, culture and so many other factors. But generally people never miss certain places like Kasi, Rameswaram. As a mark of renunciation, the people generally leave something (some food or vegetable) at Kasi in the river Ganges and they should never consume the food in their lifetime thereafter. My grandmother also visited there and left a vegetable which liked the most. All my relatives were asking her why did she leave that because she cannot eat that vegetable in her lifetime. She said, she had enough of it and this is right time to renounce. Those words make sense to me now.

As a human being, we are quite comfortable in doing something. By doing that "comfortable thing" we never get something new. When you do not do something new, you will not get something new. The first thing one got to do is unlearn the skills that we are overly confident and take up something which is knee trembling. If you feel that learning will uplift you, unlearning will super-lift you. It is imperative that we, the human being should master the art of unlearning to realize our potential. Other may call it a risk, but for us it is way of life. The human brain should always be stretched for simple reason to show that you have brain and have been using it constantly :-)


ARK said...

what would you leave/unlearn if you were to visit Kasi? :)

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...

I would aspire to leave my "Ego" and would like to know the answer of "Who am I".?