18 July 2009

Stop being a Bozo, be Sensible

The world revolves around me and how can it revolve around the sun. I am the leader, possibly because I am more experienced (probably few more days) than you and you got to think as I expect you think, I will give a dot and you have the freedom to stand and if you are intelligent to play within the dot and most important thing is that you have to update me, when you do anything. Welcome to the world of old generation. This concept of leadership is old, probably only few hundred years when we lived with animals. We say arsenic is silent killer, but this is sick leadership and dreadful than arsenic. It kills people shaking their self-confidence, spoiling their creativity. It helps to create herds not organization.

I think, "sick leadership" should have been a conspiracy against an organization. It is clearly a trend and starts with an idiot who has more power and end up misusing his power. While he misuses his/her power, some class B sees it and there comes the perfect understanding. This class B again creates many class B when Class B reaches a threshold gives way to Class C. The sick leadership will appear to give great results but it just gives wrong hopes. The term follower has often misunderstood. The follower has a different meaning than a slave and a happy slave can never be a follower. The follower connects with leader for a common and noble purpose. The leader has a different meaning than bozo.

Stopping being a Bozo, be sensible.

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