07 August 2009

Role of Financial Consultant

How long will you work? At some point in your life, you would like to take a permanent off from your work and people call it retirement. This is the time, you will spend more time with your family, doing small things that excites you and do some traveling/pilgrimage. In order to have peaceful life, it is absolutely essential that you have enough corpus to support your family and yourself. It is quite reasonable if you want to build a corpus of 1.5 - 2 crores.

When you want to build a portfolio of products, I strongly believe and recommend you to go for a financial consultant who is experienced and who will be working for you and sensitive to your needs. Do not get in touch with inexperienced consultants who offer you products bits and pieces. For example, most of the consultants whom I met before I met my current consultant (Mr Anand Srinivasan) were focused only on specific products. They never asked me questions on current investments. As far as they are concerned, it is their business, they want to sell their products.

But with any experienced/knowledgeable consultant like Mr Anand, they start their interaction with the clients with questions. I still remember the number of questions he asked when I met him first time. He literally made my father and me to run the safe more than 5 times to bring the details of investment. He clearly analyzed my "risk-reward" in accordance with my age and finally suggested me to go for few products. Most importantly, he never pushed me to buy products from him. He was focused only on creating the corpus - slowly with discipline. Periodically, he used to visit my home and make sure that the investments are on track and make timely shuffling to reduce risks. He is one of the very few people who look things over a long term and do shuffling for short term to maximize returns. There is no wonder why I still continue seek Anand's help for all my investment.

When you want to retire with a good corpus, it is essential that you need someone to educate you and who can help you to make sensible decisions. Go for a financial consultant not brokers.

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