30 July 2009

Leadership 101 - Respect Your Juniors Twice You Respect Your Seniors

It was a gathering. A senior executive was standing in a podium and crowd were following the usual protocol - putting the mobile phones on mute. Another scenario. It was a meeting, the same senior guy was talking to his juniors and all the folks are listening. Suddenly, the phone rings and the guy (one of the juniors) just asks the permission to speak (as a courtesy). The same junior guy speaks to his teammate (who is junior to him) and picks up the phone without showing any courtesy.

For God sake suck up your senior but at the same time do not ditch your juniors. Show them courtesy and show them they are worth showing that courtesy. It makes them happier, it provides enough motivation to be your ambassadors, they become the sales guy of your idea and they adore you to pieces and all of a sudden you become their role models. Two (rather three) things that are important

1. Show authentic courtesy
2. Respect your juniors twice you respect your seniors

This will redefine the trust between you and your juniors. This is one of the things I learned during my journey in pursuit of leadership.

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