20 July 2009

Reskill or be ready to be irrelevant

People used to say that "Change is Permanent". But when you closely watch the change, we will understand that change is not permanent. Let us consider the penetration of technology in our everyday life. Few decades before the penetration of technology was slow and not that rapid. But today, we have so many new markets, so many new products and people often surprised by the technological change. By the time people get accustomed with one technology, it becomes irrelevant and people feel that they are left behind. So, in today's fast paced technological life, we cannot say "no" adapting to change as we may need to completely renounce technology (which no one is ready). Even the change changes rapidly with more acceleration than the previous day.

The same is the case with an organization because the organizations are also built on top of technology and it cannot isolate itself from outside world. If the organizations want to leverage the maximum from the change, it is highly essential that the organization goes for reskilling everyday. The individual need to forget the technology/concepts that became irrelevant and should start learning new things that are widely adopted.

The only way that the organization can be competitive is by reskilling its employees. So, reskill, reskill, reskill.

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