11 July 2009

Necessity to "Think" and "Think" long

Amidst global economic recession, there are many areas that undergo transformation. People started to think and the thinking is response to shock due to recession. People are thinking about spending and they are going small - small apartment and small pizza. While the lower in consumer spending may impose a threat, I believe "the small pizza" is going to be healthy over a longer term. As long as the small pizza gives me nutrients and satisfaction, it is always good. The next thing that organizations should work out is how to survive and do business in the changing business environment. The companies should rethink, be attuned to changing environment and customer spending patterns. Being attuned to changing environment is more relevant now as the current change is rapid and huge. I remember reading in one of the articles that with the current environment even "the change is not permanent". The change is changing rapidly fast.

When you think in short term and that too for a low paced change, the strategy will not be sufficient even for few years. So, it is absolutely essential for organizations to have holistic view of uncertain environments such as climate change, government policies, economic growth, globalization with protectionism, rising prices, the roles of developing economies and many more factors. With the whole a lot of uncertainty, we, the human beings, either renounce modern life and go back to jungle or "think" properly and "think" keeping centuries in mind. Think to work with nature and not against it for simple reason that nature creates man and man is part of the nature. Nature knows how to "check and mate" something when it goes beyond a point (learning from the first chapter of GST by Gerald M. Weinberg)

Example of thinking long term. I m currently reading "An Introduction to General System Thinking" by Gerald M. Weinberg. It is so easy to think now about climate change and water depletion. It is impeccable and needs great foresight to think about climate change some 25-30 years back when the book for written. One needs to have great brain and great heart to think like that.

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