05 August 2009

Money Investing - Multiplying Hard Earned Money

It was two years back, I was introduced to a financial consultant Mr Anand Srinivasan by my cousin to get exercise my ESOP. My financial consultant (and friend) introduced me a stock broker and my demat account was created in a day. Being a high risk taker, I was in involved in short term and intra day trading. I had to lose around a lakh and half to understand an important lesson "money management" is key to successful investing. Over a period of one year, I lost 1.5 lakh and covered my losses in just few months when I fine tune my strategy.

I generally do not believe getting a paid service for stock recommendations. I understood that over a longer period of time, the fundamentals of the companies matters most and one can play in short term to medium term with the help of technical analysis. After watching few stocks, I understood that multiplying hard earned money or at least getting a decent returns (100%) in a year is quite feasible and particularly in bear market.

In this blog, I would also like to keep my post related to stock markets and products related to stock markets like mutual funds and retirement funds. I do not assure you that my method will work magic for you. However, I strongly believe that you can take away this learning and avoid silly/idiotic mistakes that I did. I m not seasoned or paid consultant who is expert in trading but trying to become one :-)

Happy Investing and Learning.

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