19 July 2009

Leading a change - My Views

There was a fire breakout in a community and all the people living in the community work hard with the firemen to put off the fire. The fire extinguish operation went on for almost 10 hours and finally all were allowed to get into their homes. The community felt that such fire accidents were painful and now they were able to manage with fire since it happened for fifth time in a row. Now it had become a growing problem. The community also had an association and they planned to meet on Sunday to talk about the recent fire accident and put an end to such accidents by adapting fire prevention measures. Sunday came, they met and installed fire prevention funds diverting association funds and collecting additional money from each home owners.

If you look at this case, this is a change and on a contrary to the popular belief - the people will be against the change, the co-operation was tremendous. The people were willing to co-operate and more inviting to the change. How people co-operated? It is because of one thing that connect the change and the people who adapts to the change which is permanently putting off the fire. They were happy that they no longer need to spend sleepless and painful nights/days with dreadful fire. The one thing - the very purpose of the change has to be powerful and the other things like communication, branding, piloting, feedback comes next (but certainly important).

If you are leading a change, if you can find a single idea that interconnects people and connect people with the change, the change will be successful. Else, it suffers and digs it own grave.

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