31 July 2009

Leadership 101 - Leaders Aren't Faint Hearted

Mistake make the man perfect. Not only it makes us perfect, it also makes us strong and gives us opportunity to test our integrity. It was two months after I assumed lead, I made a miserable and bloody mistake. But I was able to sail through with much ease simply because I accepted that it was my mistake (I made others 0% accountable). Since I openly and unconditionally accepted my mistake, my natural response was fierce. When you make a mistake there are two options

  1. Bury that mistake thinking that no one sees and be passive as if nothing has happened. When you do this the possibility of you learning something is nil. And you will ditch not only yourself but also the people you trusted you. The trust between you and the stakeholders will decrease and ultimately seize.
  2. Stand up like a kinder garden kid with a lot of enthusiasm and accept that "I am the culprit" and own it 200% and make a damn honesty effort for a steeper recovery or probably a vertical recovery. Your stakeholders will be proud of you. They will trust you more and finally they will be loyal to you. That is how you build relationships.

Choose the second one because it takes a great deal to stand up when you are in tight corners.

Leaders Aren't faint hearted.

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