12 July 2009

India and China - Propellant of Global Economy

The dream of India to become global economy propellant may soon come true. India, together with other developing economies in the region especially China, may drive the growth of global economy. As the time passes on, these developing economies are becoming more relevant to propel prosperity. This month's Harvard Business Review comes with a sweet news and alarms the global organizations to watch out for top ten trends - India and China being one among them.

While the consumer spending plummeting all over the world, post recovery, the consumer spending in India and China will be heading higher. US continue to be in the top followed by China at the second position. European countries will occupy the third position and fourth place by Japan. India will be the fifth country. China, India and Japan (Asian countries) put together will have consumers who are ready to buy products. What does it mean to us? It means that Asian countries will have new level of influence and responsibility to propel global economy. All the developed nations will be willing to do business with Asian countries and we will see "protectionism" will be underplayed and we will again step into controlled liberalization. We are going to see more liberal voices and policies soon.

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