03 July 2009

How can we give little extra?

While many organizations are working on increasing their employees productivity and ask for little extra, only very few people have the guts to give little extra. They understand the significance of giving - giving little more respect to the teammates, giving little more care that they deserve, giving little more attention to their accomplishments, giving little more thought to their prosperity. All these little extra things when mixed with high volume of authentic willingness, then, leading will be equivalent to parenting and the team will be equivalent to family.

When a leader honestly sign up to work for the elevation of his team, without anyone's knowledge and to everyone's surprise, the team will work for the leader's agenda. But everything starts with little extra things in a specific order - little extra care, little extra attention, little extra feedback, little extra recognition and finally expect the little extra effort. So, you got to give many things to get that little extra effort. But all those little extra things are worth giving.

Before you ask someone, can you work extra, you ask yourself that have you given all those little extra things that you ought to give.


James Marcus Bach said...

Extra compared to what?

If I give more, must I not give less to something else?

-- James

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...

Extra - all those things that brings prosperity, satisfaction and elevation to oneself and others.

Yes, when you give more, you have to give less to something else. For example, if you spend more time on something, you will be left with little time for the other.

When you give more, won't you get more? When you spend on things (good), won't you get more?

What you give is what you get?

James Marcus Bach said...

Come on, Lakshmi, you can do better than that.

If you admit that to give more means to give less to something else, then shouldn't the real issue be how to decide what our priorities are? How do I know what will bring me prosperity? Maybe playing with my child will do that. Maybe working longer hours at the office. I don't know.

"What you give is what you get" works in all directions. Maybe I should give LESS at work, not extra, because then I can give MORE at home, thus getting more out of home life.