13 July 2009

Google Chrome - Ambitious Project

Few days back Google announced a new operating system and the announcement did not stir any reactions from Microsoft. Google is trying to push SaaS as next generation de-facto technology and today it is trying to build tools to wrap around which can be later used to push the technology further to its advantage. On the other hand it seems like Microsoft (and most of the other companies) lost their fuel to do something for next generation. I believe Microsoft will never come out of outdating technology. Its strategy will be revolving around its core products MS Windows, Office and other similar products. But Google is trying to change the field by taking a giant leap on how computing and data is stored.

We are already witnessing trends of moving towards cloud and SaaS. I believe Google's intention and strategy is not to outsmart Microsoft but to take computing to next level. Another advantage to Google is that it is going to release Chrome as open source which may eat up Windows marketshare over a period of time as more and more applications made available to work on Google Chrome. Rather than selling applications, Google business model would be selling services. Let us hold the breath until later half of next year to get the feel of Google Chrome.


Anonymous said...

Chrome OS will be successful only if there is a radical shift in market towards SaaS.
Let'see how it goes.

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...


Absolutely correct. But my bet is on Google which used to create market (like online advertising)